Anti Embolism Thigh High Stockings 15-20 (EU 18-23) mmHg.


Anti-Embolism is elastic Stockings designed to lower the risk of blood pooling in your legs while you are sick or unable to move around than normal. Stockings are produced with double Lycra elastic yarns covered with high-quality polyamide yarns. Graduated Compression 18-23 mmHg (US 15-20 mmHg).

  • Durable Materials
  • Hold Up Band
  • Open Toe
  • Maximum Comfort

Medical Andti-Embolism Stockings are good for and not limited to:

  • Post-surgical patients with a long rehabilitation period
  • Patients with a high probability of developing deep vein thrombosis
  • Patients suffering from intense or paralyze medical conditions.
  • Immobile Patients


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